Riccardo Vino

 Italian Voice Over Artist


Ciao! My name is Riccardo Vino. Yeap no joke, that’s my real name! I am a native Italian voice over artist and professionally trained actor based in London. I’ve been working in this business for nearly 18 years.
I have a lot of experience with Corporate narration, IVR, TV and Radio commercials, ‘As seen on TVs’, Documentaries, Product video-casts, E-learnings, Audio-guides, Car navigation systems, Telephone on hold messaging, Video games… you name it!
I have also experience with dubbing movies. Maybe not much in the UK, but in many countries, like Italy and Germany, where I have lived the most, we dub movies because we kind of… hate subtitles. I guess it’s a matter of habit.
My voice is usually described as young, smooth, reassuring and engaging.
Over these years I have helped so many clients with their concerns and made sure they were happy with the end results. No matter how simple or complex the project is, no worries, I’ll have your back.
Since Italian is probably not your native language, there’s one important thing you should be aware of when choosing a voice actor. Italy has hundreds and hundreds of dialects and regionalisms, it’s kind of crazy actually! That means that in order to speak a high standard Italian with no inflections or local/funny accents, you really need to do the work, which usually takes years of practice. Thankfully enough, one of my teachers at acting school was also a professional dubber, and when it came to the right diction he was merciless. I actually owe this job also to him.
Otherwise, if you need a recording in English (or German, or Spanish) with Italian accent, not a problem. I speak them fluently.
So, what do you say? You wanna give it a shot? Drop me an email or give me a call. I’ll be happy to help!

I think the greatest sound in the world is the human voice

(Miles Davis)




24-hour turnaround upon reception of a confirmed copy

Experienced in translations and script adaptations from English and German to Italiany


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